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Skilled IT workers are increasingly choosing to work - and live - where they want. Globally, employers are re-aligning with the desires of workers by engaging borderless teams of project-specific talent.

In the past, skilled IT workers like you faced a lack of continuity, insecure income, and lifestyle compromises in order to continue to work as a contractor.  Today, workers are looking for non-permanent positions which facilitate the work-life blend they want.

One Degree has everything IT contract workers need to find and manage contracts with organisations around the globe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is One Degree completely free for Independent Contractors?
Yes. At One Degree, we believe independent contractors shouldn't have to pay to find work. The platform is 100% free no matter how much you use it.

How much control do I have over what contracts I am offered?
Independent contractors have full control over the contracts they are offered. The information you put in your profile is what our analysts use to match you with ideal opportunities. The more accurate your information, the more accurate the matches will be.

Who negotiates the terms of the contract?
When a match occurs, you are able to contact the employer directly and discuss the role and negotiate the terms of the contract. 

How do I get paid?
Part of the agreement between you and the employer will be your payment terms.  One Degree is not a payment facilitation platform and we have no visibility on the agreements made between contractors and the organisations they will be working with.

What happens if a contract runs over-time?
Updating your profile is as easy as logging in and making sure any relevant details such as availability, skills, experience and review requests are up to date. As soon as you know a project is going to run past the expected end date, simply log in to One Degree and change your availability. 

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About One Degree

One Degree saw a need for independent contractors to quickly and easily find work when and where they wanted it. 

At the same time, companies globally were finding they had to quickly fill skills gaps in non-conventional ways - and traditional hiring frameworks were no longer able to supply the talent they needed. 

One Degree brings these two sets of needs together in a single platform which allows seamless contractor and contract matching.

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